Sands Statement

In June 2010 I sold without content to Lync Media. I didn’t know I was selling the domain name to a crime ring who illegally copied my entire database content and put it back on the domain the moment of the sale.  When they put my database back on the domain, they removed the 301 redirect which told all the search engines my site had permanently moved.  They tricked all the search engines into saying my site never moved, and I lost my 20-year Internet consulting business overnight.

It took me over 3 years just to find the crime ring; and, after that, it took pressing the U.S. government over 2 years to get them to help.

Lync Media, a search engine optimization  (“SEO”) company is part of an Internet crime crime that operates over 1,000 domain names scamming people who are looking for online help related to diseases.

I was in the top 5 of over 10,000,000 eczema sites for decades freely helping people with eczema, and now the same people I was helping have become victims of fraud.  The crime ring owns and

The purchaser provided fraudulent information to me for the sale and acquired the domain name with malicious intent while engaged in illegal activity.  I am suing both the crime ring and the United States government for and

Lync Media, LLC
Ian Kim aka
Henry Park – HP
965 N 940 W
Orem, UT 84057

Lync Media

Lync Media
Ne Po 4 Ri 358
Kyung-Ki-Do Pa-Ju-Si Moon-San-Up
Annandale, VA 22003
United States

Below is the written admission of guilt from the purchaser:

From: HP []
Sent: Friday, June 25, 2010 1:21 PM
To: Christina Nevada
Subject: Re:

I get what you are saying. The table of contents issue was due to the way the website was formerly structured (you had structured just like your book) I wanted to keep it that way to ensure proper transfer and not let it fall off google (I mean it was a investment for me and I did not want to let it disappear from google right after I bought it).  I thought when I told you I was redoing content on pages for I was assuming you knew what was going on, but it was a bad assumption (my mistake).  But, with the titles and other,  I totally get where you are coming from (lack of double checking, but I was working on funds issues to make sure you were happy). Either way, I am going to take my time and redo the site with a new company.  It took you 20 years to compile this data, it was a mistake to try to get this site to where you had it within 1 month. Just not enough time and when I pressed the company I worked with to get content up, they obviously took crazy short cuts. I think this deal took so long and so much has happened, I understand your side of it and I need to look through each page and see what has happened.

I provided a list of the scam ring and their web sites and gave it to many law enforcement and government agencies; but, the government didn’t do anything about it.

It was my request that Utah Consumer Protection, the FBIICANN, IC3, GoDaddyAmazon, PayPal, eBayGoogle, Yahoo, BBBYouTubeTwitter and Facebook work with me for restitution and to prevent this type of Internet crime from repeatedly happening to others. Nobody cared. This crime ring specializes on creating fraudulent consumer sales, opinion and referral sites leading back to their bogus web sites and bogus products and target the sick, infants, pregnant women and animals.


  • GoDaddy said to contact ICANN.
  • ICANN said GoDaddy doesn’t know what they’re talking about.
  • FBI said contact IC3 and did nothing.
  • IC3 already knows and did nothing.
  • Better Business Bureau says they have no enforcement authority.
  • Federal Trade Commission says it could be years before they get to it.
  • The receptionist at the American Academy of Dermatology didn’t even want to notify the board of directors.
  • Utah Consumer Protection Investigator Adam Watson closed the case and did nothing,
  • Utah Consumer Protection Investigator Mike Pipps said FBI doesn’t go after criminals until they steal more than $10,000,000 a month.
  • Utah Director of Public Safety Scott Gurney was notified and did nothing.
  • The judge who ruled on this case in 2008 refused to return my phone calls and emails in 2013 notifying him that the crime ring has grown and is still operating.

Thousands of complaints, years of criminal activity and the crime ring is still operating full speed and growing.


For years I’ve been working solo on taking down this Internet crime ring and today asked Utah Consumer Protection Investigations Chief Mike Palumbo for help.  22 FEB 2015  He didn’t.

22 FEB 2015
Since police, FBI and Utah Consumer Protection refused to help me, my case is now in the hands of the Utah Attorney General.  Let’s see if they do anything.