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Posted: 2010-12-10 by notgettingscamed46
Most Unethical and Unlawful company i have ever experienced

E Nutrition Research – United States

Do not trust them. They are the most unethical company i have ever seen in my life. They have multiple products which are the same exact products but under different names, different websites and different products. Once they are discovered for being fruadulent for one product. They just take that one out of service and change the name. They teach the customer service employees to read a script of lies saying that they personally talk to people that love the product and if they do not say that they get into trouble and have threats of losing their jobs. DO NOT TRUST THEM!! THIS IS A SCAM

Products they sell include:
Lipofuze, Adipril, 7dfbx, Noxycut, 7 day slimming pill, lipoquick, prototype 37-c, skin cell vial #29-a, somabien, noxycut, myotein, colonetix, oxytokin, oxytoxin, renuvie, and many many more.

All of their products are on In addition to this sight they have many more, one website for each product, and some for they type of products they sell. They are very dishonest, only tell you what you want to hear and once they have your money and the product wont work for you, you have tons of hoops to jump through

Different Names of the Company
E nutrition research
Devmin rd

Hope this helps you all avoid this scam and put these low life crooks out of a job.