October 2016
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1,000 Domain Crime Ring

Scamming millions of dollars monthly since 2008

Ampersand Industries | Avaceuticals LLC | Blackfire Global LLC | Excitement Dietetics
Devmin Research and Development, LLC | E Nutrition Research LLC | R. Walker Companies
GADD Formulas LLC | Garrett Devore Labs | Herringway Research LLC | Netraceuticals | Sensa Products
NetraPharm | Nutrisport LLC | Doakes Nutraceuticals | Orovo LLC | XPI Supplements LLC | Health Science Nutrition
ProCommerce LLC | Zyloo Research Labs | Wheeler Saxon | Pierce Hawthorne
Steven A. Devore and SyberVision | Blackstone Nutrition | Synergystic Nutritional Compounds
Yoon Kim aka Y Min Kim aka Ian Kim aka Sun Kim aka Kim Eun aka Young Kim aka Paul Kim 1, 2

* * *

Sold on Sears ’til they got kicked off


Crime Ring Taken to Court in 2008 for the Same Thing
See, also: Federal District Course Case 1:08-cv-07571-PGG

Irresponsible US Corp Officials

Attorney General Investigator Nate Mutter:  801-281-1200
Consumer Protection Agent Michael Pitts:  801-530-6601


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